Duck Fame - who the duck is this? Based in Hamburg, Germany. His character representative of the 4 million years ago, founded BC interactive popular initiative wall sour cream, it's just Duckfame - and that's just the nice. If he now public transport - not only Susanne or U3 - S31 or even seriously in the valley road - it is seriously like the ox before the Hamburg Mountain with double cheese! "Please stay back" means to be left behind in the last resort for him - mountain and valley road. And he's still not out of the woods when it needs him push along. Its habitat is where the night the new mash-Dimensional degeneration in double-degenerate. In cultural vacuum where germanys bankrotteste scrap cave on Pro boiling with Roland, where cooks Casper raped Housevibes afterglow with Becks in the City. Duckfames environment where someone falls over, in David Street where the Goliath of Alcoholics sports rhyme Alden, with port to the curb fortsein sport rhyme home in Pforzheim on there and invites them a purely fries and received. "Kiez digga". Duckfame is towards where it hurts. Always along the wall.

solo exhibitions

2012 "geteert und gefedert - getagt und gefiedert" Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg
2013 "Entenjagd - Duckhunt" Kingdrips Store Hamburg

group exhibitions

2011 "Artillerie" group exhibition Hamburg
2011 "Grabowsee Artbase" group exhibition Berlin
2012 "Reclaim your City" group exhibition Gängeviertel Hamburg
2012 "Artillerie 2" group exhibition Hamburg
2013 "Knoten.13" group exhibition Hamburg

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